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You should have the most recent edition of The Private Library Journal with a sumptuous colourful article on “Collecting the Weatherbird Press” by David Butcher within. You can read an overview of Vance Gerry’s life who ran the press on The Fine Press Association site – http://www.fpba.com/parenthesis/select-articles/p12_vance_gerry_and_weather_bird_press.html


Early Private Presses 1730-1900, by David Chambers

This is the first comprehensive study of the private presses in the British Isles that were active in the 18th and 19th centuries. It will be printed in early 2018. In two volumes: Vol. 1 The Presses, c 300 pp, 75 illus. Vol 2: Bibliography, c. 300 pp. Cloth boards, imperial octavo. Both volumes will be issued as the free member book for the two years 2017 & 2018 combined. (To be included in the distribution of free copies of this standard edition, the PLA membership subscription must be paid for both years.) It is priced at £80 for both volumes, trade discount 25%. Special editions also available, 30 copies, both volumes bound in full morocco, in slip cases, with selected original leaves taken from 14 volumes of the presses concerned, price about £750. A further 70 copies will be issued with both volumes bound in quarter morocco, in slip cases, with original leaves from the same volumes, price about £375. 25% discount to PLA members or the trade. Postage extra. Join today and receive for free or reserve your copy using our order form. If you would like the prospectus pdf emailed to you, please send us a request using the contact form. The book description is on the publications books page.

David’s book is currently undergoing the final checking and is hoping to be at the printers before Christmas 2019.