The Private Library: Quarterly Journal of the Private Libraries Association

The association has published its Quarterly Journal, The Private Library, since 1957. We are currently in the sixth series.

The Private Library offers substantial essays of interest for the book collector. Over the decades The Private Library has published articles by dozens of leading 20th and 21st Century collectors, printers, publishers and academics. Essays have been printed on topics such as members’ libraries, specialised collections, the work of private presses, illustrators and indeed, any aspect of the mania likely to appeal to collectors.  Reviews of new books are also a regular features.


Open access, free downloads of Series 1 & Indexes

Please click here for freely downloadable full text pdfs of the First Series 1957-1967, which is out of print, and of Indexes, 1957-2008, which are not available in hard copy.

Back issues of The Private Library Series 2 - 6

Back issues of The Private Library still in print are available to purchase. To browse the contents of the articles found within each journal and to be directed to the order form to purchase individual journals or sets of journals, please click here. Out of print journals are noted.