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 Sixth Series Volume 7 2014

1 Marks: A London Collection; Freemantle: Flinders’ Voyage 

2 Smeltzer: Chine colle´, Chambers: Charles Clark’s bookplates and broadsides

3 Maslen: Joan Hassall – a life in a collection

4 Thompson: The publications of Cyril W. Beaumont, 1917-31

Sixth Series Volume 6 2013

1 Willi Harwerth; Thomas Balston and Duckworth; William Barnes
2 Printing on Iona; William Muir; Ise Monogatari
3 John William North; A very modest collection by Richard Burleigh; Thor Heyerdahl
4 Freemantle: Vellum

 Sixth Series Volume 5 2012

1 A Fresh Glance at Nature Printing; Library of a Dickensian; Daniel Maclise – The Story of the Norman Conquest
2 Insel-Bücherei; The Ornithologist’s Guide
3 Little Tim (Ardizzone); The pochoir process in book illustration in France; Bunyan Press; St Bride Library
4 On the margins of collecting – Christmas cards; The Mark Hinchliffe collection of books by Ted Hughes; The abortive 1931 Ashendene Press Daphnis & Chloe

 Sixth Series Volume 4 2011

1 Gaylord Schanilec issue: Midnight Paper Sales Press; To Science, Art & Printing
2 Private Press in France II – 18th Century; Venice fever; David Chambers – 70 years of Bibliomania I
3 Illustrations of Reynolds Stone; Reynolds Stone checklist
4 Private Press in France III – the Revolution; David Chambers – 70 years of Bibliomania II; Talbot Baines Reed

Sixth Series Volume 3 2010

1 Anthony Smith – Christmas presence; Brooks Press of Wirksworth; Blankshire Brigade (Ravilious et al)
2 Léon Pichon – a postscript; Heart’s Desire – Sandford & Buckland Wright; A taste for the decorative; Coronation Book – Golden Cockerel Press; Blankshire digitized
3 Confessions of an addict (children’s books); Metamorphic library chair
4 Private Press in France I – 15th to 17th Centuries; Scholartis Press

Sixth Series Volume 2 2009

1 Tomorrow’s Past (bookbinding); Protecting the alphabet; A conversation; Gallery of Bindings
2 Aliquando Press; Kristian Kongstad, Danish master printer; Libreria Acqua Alta
3 Léon Pichon – printer & publisher; Paul Koch – master printer of music
4 Stuart Schimmel – collectors in my library; Paul Koch & Fritz Arnold

Sixth Series Volume 1 2008

1 Keith Fletcher – insider collecting; Robert Gibbings – a man & his books
2 John Cole of Scarborough; A family library; De luxe bindings of Peter Carstens
3 A Considerable Power – the illustrations of Henry Courtney Selous
4 Printing office of John Wilkes 1763

Fifth Series Volume 10 2007

1 Lock’s Press 1979-2006; Printing of A House of Pomegranates; Hooked on books – interpreting Sir John Soane’s library
2 Dalziel’s Bible Gallery; Bill Fletcher – book buying by a bookseller
3 What made the chimney lean; Poor Richard’s books; Durning-Lawrence Library
4 Alan Loney – 50 books old 1975-2006; Bibliographical spoofs & parodies

Fifth Series Volume 9 2006

1 Kitchen’s Designs for Seats; Reminiscences of John H. Watson, M.D.; Christopher Larkspvr & the Saint Ronan’s Press
2 Werner Klemke as book illustrator
3 In search of Edward Gorey; Bird books – a guide for collectors
4 A Suffolk herald’s library; Byrnes Calculus; John Collins – the book business

Fifth Series Volume 8 2005

1 Cock Robin Press of Peter Beavan; H.E. Bates – a collector’s perspective
2 Construction of A House of Pomegranates; Wood-engravings of Jim Westergard; Osho Lao Tzu Library
3 Kenneth Hopkins – poet & publisher; Douglas Foskett’s Uzanne collection; Cataloguing
4 Electronic book; Richard Doyle’s In Fairyland; Francis Meynell’s Keepsake for the A.I.G.A.

Fifth Series Volume 7 2004

1 Rare architectural books – part 3; Robert Aspinall – my life in printing
2 Thomas Malory, the Morte Darthur & Aubrey Beardsley; Eight letters from T.E.L.; First type of Gutenberg
3 Kuthan’s Menagerie Completed; Owen Jones’s Alhambra; Paul W. Nash – behind us
4 Bohn’s Illustrated Library; Golden Cockerel Press

Fifth Series Volume 6 2003

1 Rare architectural books – part 1; Artists’ Press edition of The Ultimate Safari
2 Collecting pre-King James English Bibles; Illustrated Book Award; Typographical Society of Newcastle; Lloyd’s Ports Record; Pinxit, sculpsit, excudit, etcetera – some additional notes
3 Giambattista Bodoni; Illustrated gift books of the 1860s
4 Rare architectural books – part 2

Fifth Series Volume 5 2002

1 An illustrator & The Genius of Place – Rigby Graham at 70; St. Sepulchre’s Press 1964-1984
2 Poetry folios & the Linden Press; Adanaland; Agathynian Club
3 Samuel Egerton Bridges & the Lee Priory Press; Scent of libraries
4 Crosby Continental Editions; New bibliography of perfume books


Fifth Series Volume 4 2001

1 Microfilm librarians; Pop-ups, peepshows & paper engineering; Movable Book Society; Ancient Mariner
2 One woman’s work at Warwick Press; Oxford Guild of Printers’ Millennium Project
3 Demi-Griffin Press; Internet; Wolfgang Würfel; Dorrell & Sons
4 Pinxit, sculpsit, excudit, etcetera: notes on the lettering which appears on prints

Fifth Series Volume 3 2000

1 Viscount Carlow, T.E. Lawrence & the Corvinus Press
2 Cresset Press; Whitbread Archive; Homo intelligens
3 Henry Noel Humphreys
4 David Esslemont – jack of all trades; Palace of Architecture

Fifth Series Volume 2 1999

1 Children’s Library; Kickshaws, Paris; Thoreau Society
2 Will Carter’s booklabels; Thomas & James Craig Annan of Glasgow
3 Life & work of Barbara Jones
4 John de Pol – wood-engraver; British Library; Design in British publishing

Fifth Series Volume 1 1998

1 Mark Attwood & the Artists’ Press; Women in the American wilderness
2 Iain Bain – Collecting with a purpose (Chiswick Press to Thomas Bewick); Joel Biroco & the Herculaneum Press
3 Abram’s Augereau; Antoine Augereau; Poet & Printer Press; Enid Marx; John Buckland Wright & M.B.B. Nijkerk
4 Modern Design in British Bookbinding; Butterfly, abstraction or flower? (Charles Ricketts)

Fourth Series Volume 10 1997

1 Peter Fleming; Book art in Hungary; Sven Ljundberg
2 Book illustrators of the German Democratic Republic; Joseph Swan
3 Bob Forster; Wayzgoose Press; Jill Grey collection; Bewick in bas-relief; Folio Society
4 Collecting private press books; Paul Minet – bookselling

Fourth Series Volume 9 1996

1 19C publishers’ bindings
2 Kim Taylor – book designer; Genesis of a book-collecting interest (Orlando Jewitt)
3 Exlibris of the Golden Age
4 Nonesuch Press; Fritz Wegner

Fourth Series Volume 8 1995

1 Marryats; Toni Savage; Pandora et al; Guido Morris; Latin Press Pygmy Albion; Penguin Collectors’ Society
2 Edition Tiessen; College magazines; Housman Society
3 Library at Clothworkers’ Hall; Bob Jones & the Glad Hand Press; Thomas Allan Dunn
4 Collecting Baring; Serendipity in the saleroom; G.R. Woodward

Fourth Series Volume 7 1994

1 Manners maketh man; Swedish book illustration
2 Society for Art of Book in Sweden; GCP Four Gospels; Science fiction; Newton, Ulizio & The Whale; Eternal Italy
3 American book illustration; Pursuing American illustrations; Hammatt Billings; Felix Darley; EW Kemble
4 Otto Rohse & his private press; Brautigan Library

Fourth Series Volume 6 1993

1 Queen Caroline & the divorce; Mark Severin’s bookplates; Charles Lamb Society
2 Physical book arts; Pathology of book collecting; Fine bookmaking
3 Stanbrook Abbey Press; Making of a livre d’artiste; Le Lézard; Form of the Book
4 Lungarno series; Richard Garnett’s library; J. Allen St. John; Dropmore Press Winchester Bible

Fourth Series Volume 5 1992

1 Vicar of Wakefield 1843; Van Eijk’s In de Bonnefant; Roy Fuller
2 German fine printing; English as she is spoke; Hester Sainsbury
3 Rachel Daniel – The Lamb; Septentrio Press; Dropmore & Queen Anne Presses
4 Exlibris library in Japan; Staples

Fourth Series Volume 4 1991

1 George Musgrave; Priapus Press
2 Pogonotomy; Gunnar Brusewitz; Sir Francis Bond Head
3 French bibliophile society menus; Frederick Locker; The Great Auk
4 Debts; Charles Hulbert 1778-1857; Cuir ciselé bindings

Fourth Series Volume 3 1990

1 Collecting Detective Fiction; Inscribed Sitwelliana; Talwin Morris checklist
2 Augustine Birrell; Book-buying; Keepsake Press
3 Cataloguing with a PC; Hester Sainsbury; Joseph Cundall
4 Lawrence Durrell limited editions

Fourth Series Volume 2 1989

1 Collection of Italian Writing Books
2 Glad Hand Press; A Edward Newton catalogues
3 Grey Walls Press Crown Classics; Cuala Press; Joseph Zaehnsdorf
4 Alice B. Woodward; Collecting Sitwelliana

Fourth Series Volume 1 1988

1 Jan van Voorst; Pseudonym Library; Cockerels & Amazons
2 David Gentleman
3 Collecting Mr Eliot; Shirley Jones; Frans Masereel’s bookplates
4 Matthew Holbeche Bloxam; Michael Ayrton; Ultimate sentimental collection

Third Series Volume 10 1987

#1 Talwin Morris, Blackie & the Glasgow style
2 Fleece Press; Dibdin collection; Topographical diversion; New bestiaire
3 Tirzah Garwood; Legend of Andrew Block; Britain in Pictures 2; Egon Guenther
4 C.K. Ogden’s To-day & To-morrow Series; Rare, out of print & non-existent books; Monica Redlich; Printing apparatus for use of amateurs

Third Series Volume 9 1986

1 Book illustrations of Michael Ayrton
2 Limited Edition’s Club in 1980s; John Drinkwater & some of his books; Two nuisances at the private presses
3 Redpath & Abricotier Abattu Presses; Britain in Pictures 1; Bibliography of Andrew Lang
4 Private library in Japan; Owen Jones – Ancient Spanish Ballads; Early American bookbinding

Third Series Volume 8 1985

1 Boar’s Head & Golden Hours Presses; Sandford, Gibbings, Newberry & Rutter; Golden Cockerel prospectuses
2 Limited Editions Club 1929-1956; Furnival Books; Friends of my father, Lawrence Binyon
3 Rocket Press; Morison to McCance at Gregynog
4 Alain Anseeuw; Patience Cockerell – bookbinder

Third Series Volume 7 1984

1 Margaret of York; Christopher Skelton; Count Potocki of Montalk’s library
2 Library of Margaret of York; Aspects of Gregynog Press 1930-1933
3 Allen Lane’s Christmas books; Recent livres d’artiste
4 Book illustrations of Faith Jaques; Cheney Brothers; John Maggs – London bookselling tradition; Count Potocki of Montalk – Elephant in relation to Polish affairs

Third Series Volume 6 1983

1 Miniature Libraries for the young; Infant’s Library
2 19C science & technology; Odd volumes; Facsimiles of medieval illuminated books; Collecting E. Phillips Oppenheim
3 Guild of Women-Binders; Book Lover’s Library
4 Reynolds Stone – designing engraved booklabels; Reynolds Stone’s bookplates; Working with Reynolds Stone; Colour printed books

Third Series Volume 5 1982

1 Nigel Lambourne; Walter Murdoch – bookman; Dear Mr Scott ….
2 Pictorial bookplates in Britain
3 Vivien Gribble 1888-1932; Whittington Press – the first decade
4 Old Stile Press; Concerning Dorothy Osborne; Boxes & slip-cases

Third Series Volume 4 1981

1 Livre d’artiste 1967-1980
2 Valentin le Campion’s bookplates; Southey – The Doctor; 25 yrs of the PLA 3
3 Kay Michael Kramer & the Printery; On Austin Dobson & some of his books
4 Sette of Odd Volumes; Bernard C Middleton – English craft bookbinding 1880-1980; Collecting music hall ephemera

Third Series Volume 3 1980

1 Leisure of an Oxford Don; History’s other half; Tom Thumb’s Pretty Song Book; On selling children’s books
2 Wilkie Collins; Sette of Odd Volumes
3 Mark Severin’s book illustrations; 25 years of the PLA 1; Mrs Alec Tweedie
4 Bookplates by Kate Greenaway & Walter Crane; Byfields; 25 yrs of the PLA 2

Third Series Volume 2 1979

1 Stanislaw Gliwa; Potholes in the primrose path
2 Elliot Stock & some old book-collecting magazines; Mobiles in books
3 Bibliographica; Form & content; Bernard Barton & his friends; Library of Waddesdon Manor
4 Insurance; Collecting Golden Head Press; Will Carter’s booklabels; Sir Richard Burton

Third Series Volume 1 1978

1 Sir Thomas Phillips & the Middle Hill Press; Book Collector’s Quarterly 1930-1933
2 Society of Private Printers; Colour supplements of London Illustrated News; Bespoke hand-made papers for fine books; Nonesuch Press & Curwen Press stencil colouring
3 Walter de la Mare’s stories for children; Collecting books on bookbinding & bookbindings
4 Edmund Blunden & Cricket; Assault on the book; Printing Blake’s engravings; American book scouting

Second Series Volume 10 1977

1 Kalashnikov bookplates; Mandeville Press; Edward Gordon Craig’s Hamlet
2 Douglas Cleverdon – 50 years; Richard Shirley Smith’s bookplate designs
3 Jessie M King; Pilgrim Press; Edward Thomas – Horae Solitariae
4 King Penguin series; Note to our customers; Sidelines in collecting; English book illustration

Second Series Volume 9 1976

1 James Guthrie & Pear Tree Press
2 John Dreyfus – Ten British Poets for Limited Editions Clubs
#3 John Buckland Wright’s bookplate designs; Complete Angler
#4 Boy’s Own Paper – origins & editorial policies

Second Series Volume 8 1975

1 Beaumont Press; Come ye all – an exhibition
2 Walter Crane’s bookplate designs; Alec Frizzell – private printer
3 Kate Greenaway’s bookplate designs; 1st Jamaican private press; Friends of National Libraries; A publisher & his books
4 Otto Eric Deutsch – a profile; Poetry collection of Lockwood Memorial Library; Sheepfolds matter

Second Series Volume 7 1974

1 Diana Bloomfield – a fearful joy; Making of Maigret; Open letter to beginner bookseller
2 Charles Hamilton – Greyfriars & myself; James Crosley; Techniques of Illustration
3 Janus Press; H Walter Bray at the Raven Press (postscript)
4 Joan Hassall – my engraved work; Louis Ginzberg Open letter 2; Raven Press (addendum); Natalie d’Arbeloff

Second Series Volume 6 1973

#1 Gregynog Press & Gregynog Fellowship; T.E. Lawrence & Seizin Press; Perez collection of British bookplates; Migrant Press; Codex Caesareus facsimile
2 Adagio Press; Coole Library; Tracking down the Beats
3 Cuala Press 1903-1973; Private Press exhibition in Glasgow; A problem for the bookplate collector; Laura Riding Jackson – Cult of connections
4 Raven Press; Outposts – 100 not out

Second Series Volume 5 1972

#1 Edward Ardizzone, a preliminary hand-list of his illustrated books 1929-1970
#2 Halcyon Press; World’s End Press; Bookplate collecting; Shelf of cricket books
3 Seizin Press; Laura Riding Jackson – Postscript; Modern trends in Book-Collecting; Corvo bibliography OUT OF PRINT
#4 Officina Bodoni

Second Series Volume 4 1971

1 Collecting Yeats; Thomas Sturge Moore – wood-engraver
#2 Stanton Press; Society for the Bibliography of Natural History; Modern English woodcuts; 1st ed of Waverley
#3 Jean de Bosschère; Library of Duke of Urbino; Poet & Printer Press; The Brook, Chiswick
4 Scorpion Press; Travellers’ Library; Blickling Hall Library

Second Series Volume 3 1970

1 German Expressionist Woodcuts; This Quarter; More association books; Poetry Book Society
#2 Collectors of Officina Bodoni; Bewick mss; Perpetua Press; Departure
#3 A Phoenix out of the Ark; Bibliophile & the spaceship; Bewick mss; Ralph Chubb 1
#4 Modern French Bestiaries; Ralph Chubb 2; Poetry & poverty; J. Lumsden & Son

Second Series Volume 2 1969

1 Fantasy Poets; Edy-Legrand; Book design for Lehmann imprint OUT OF PRINT
#2 Art of Science Fiction covers; Stourton Press; Monckton Milnes & Philobiblion Society
3 Concrete Poetry; Art Society Press; John Walsh & 18C music; Giving free
4 Quest for Guido & the Latin Press

Second Series Volume 1 1968

1 Book Collector’s Quarterly; John Minton OUT OF PRINT
#2 Collecting Ange Goudar; Charles E. Feinberg; Reading between the leaves; Chance-found friends
#3 Newcastle Typographical Society; Wuthering Heights & illustrator 1; Gabriel Naudé; Louis Jou
4 Cobden-Sanderson; Rosemary Press; Amateur printer of French Revolution; Wuthering Heights & illustrator 2 OUT OF PRINT